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NEW! How-to and feature videos on YOU TUBE from Dune Sport.

Setting up and taking down a Dune Sport awning - the entire process from start to finish.

Rear Dual-Electric Beds - How to lower, setup, and store the rear beds. Includes the lower reversible sofa which can be converted from a bed into a sofa - either looking inside the trailer, our outside through the rear ramp door.

HOW TO: Using a Dune Sport pull-down loft bed - including raising the bed for storage.

HOW TO: Convert a Dune Sport Toy Hauler dinette from a 4-seat dinette, into a bed, then fold completely flat up against the wall for storage.

HOW TO: Setup and store the jackknife sofa, converting easily from a bed into a sofa couch, also storing up against the wall easily for storage.

FEATURE VIDEO - A Dune Sport Stereo System, available upgraded with a surround sound system, amplifier, and subwoofer.

Feature Video - Dune Sport Toy Hauler&rsquos large bathrooms are of the biggest in the industry, complete with upgraded features, lots of space, and plenty of storage.

HOW TO VIDEO: How to use the monitor panel, and other electronics on a Dune Sport Toy Hauler - including the stereo system with available CD and DVD player.

HOW TO VIDEO: How to lower the Spare Tire using the spare tire crank provided.

HOW TO VIDEO: How to lower and raise the ramp door, including the optional twist-locking latches.

HOW TO VIDEO: Lowering and raising the stabilizer jacks on a Dune Sport&rsquos Toy Hauler.

HOW TO VIDEO: Using a Dune Sport Toy Hauler 6 cubic foot refrigerator / freezer combo - including use for running off of propane and or electricity.

Feature Video: Exterior Shower Option (available on almost all Dune Sport Toy Haulers).

Dune Sport Toy Haulers - Power Connect / Shoreline Cable.

Dune Sport Toy Haulers - City Water Connection, Water Tank Fill - explanations of how to use these features.

Folding / Collapsing Sofa Couch - How-to video shows how easy our collapsing dinette converts into a bed, and then quickly folds up against the wall for maximum cargo space.

Disappearing entry door steps - standard on every Dune Sport Toy Hauler.

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